01/01/2012: Undifferentiated

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction regarding the Self’s freedom from difference of any kind and the identity of oneself with the Self, Brahman. Dialogues on the nature of the experiencer of all experiences, the eternal, a passage from “Saddarsanam and an Inquiry into the Revelation of Truth and Oneself,” action and Knowledge, happiness, Self-inquiry, freedom from misidentification with the body and mind, and other spiritual topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from the Annapurna Upanishad and in Tamil from chapter 17 of the Song of Ribhu.

****** Qutoes from Satsang ******

Nome: That direct knowledge constitutes inquiry and not any mental mode associated with it. If a mental mode consisting of thoughts is unreal, how much more unreal is any non-inquiry mode? Inquiry consists of Knowledge, non-objective Knowledge. Being non-objective, it is formless. The Knowledge is of the nature of Consciousness which is identical with Being. Consciousness is the Knowledge, self-luminous Knowledge.

*Note: MP3 and CD do not contain the Tamil recitation from Song of Ribhu.

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