11/07/2010: What the Self Is

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction about Self-Knowledge and the realization of it by Self-inquiry. Dialogues on freedom from being the performer of action, the source of happiness, the unborn nature of the Truth, Self-inquiry while working, imagination and the Absolute Consciousness, the "I"-less nature of Being, the purpose of life, and other topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from Ashtavakra Samhita.

Satsang Quote:

Questioner: Inside the dream, it seems real but outside of it, it doesn’t?

Nome: You are never inside a dream. Waking, dream and deep dreamless sleep: all these pass but you remain the same. You are not in those states and you cannot be anything within those states or anything that occurs in those states. Disregarding the waking state and all of its contents, disregarding the dream and all its contents, and disregarding deep sleep and its absence of content, what are you? Just that is free of imagination. It is not marked out by the eons of time let alone the hours of a day.

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