4/29/2012: Samadhi

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction on profound absorption in the Self. Dialogues on absorption of identity, peace and happiness, objectless love, transcendence of states and occurrences, and other spiritual topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from the Mandukya Karika and in Tamil from chapter 25 of the Song of Ribhu

Quote from Satsang:

Nome: Absorption or samadhi is without differentiation. It is an absence of erroneous notions and thus it is referred to as nirvakalpa, without differentiation and without imagination. It is absorption in what is innate. So Sri Ramana has said it is sahaja, the natural, innate samadhi. What is this absorption? It defies description in words and thought for it is of a transcendent nature, your nature, and your nature is beyond words, thoughts and conceptions. Sri Bhagavan said that keeping the company of the wise one would catch the samadhi habit. What else is that but the absorption of one’s identity or the revelation in interior knowledge of what in Truth you are. In Ramana, with Ramana, the Truth is so evident. Where is He? He is the ever Existent One which is both eternal and infinite. This being so you are already in the perfect position to catch that habit.

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