7/1/2012: Free From Thought

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction on the nature of the Self beyond thought. Dialogues on time and the mind and Consciousness, the three states of mind, desirelessness and happiness, the “I” notion and the Self, the purpose of life, God and the Self, Self-inquiry, no loss or failure in Self-inquiry, and other spiritual topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from the Ashtavakra Samhita and in Tamil from chapter 28 of the Song of Ribhu.

****** Quotes from Satsang ******

Nome: This is a temple called SAT---a temple of Being. The spiritual instruction is about Sat---Truth, Being and Existence. Being is bliss and thus the fascination. You will recall from the Maharshi’s account of his Self Realization that he says, “From that moment forward the “I” focused attention on itself with a powerful fascination.” Reality is fascinating. Nothing objective can hold this fascination, it can seem to borrow it for a bit of time and then it is lost. The non-objective is of the nature of happiness itself and so it is of perpetual fascination. Finding this within yourself you are never bored.

*Note:MP3 and CD do not contain the Tamil recitation from Song of Ribhu

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