Ribhu Gita Chapter 3, Verses 1 to 5 held on 10/15/2010

Chapter 3: Description of the Phenomenal World Being Existence-Conciousness.

Verse 1: Isvara: Religious vows are illusory. The worlds are illusory. Various states are illusory. Abodes are illusory. Fear, also, is illusory. Supports and such are illusory. Enjoyment is illusory. The multitude of relationships is illusory.

2. The Veda-s also, are illusory. Speech is illusory. Sentences are illusory. The "manifold" is illusory. Wealth is illusory. Sky and other such elements are illusory. The moon is illusory. All things are illusory.

3. The Guru, also, is illusory. Good qualities and defects, as well, are both illusory. What is secret is illusory. Counting is illusory. To speak articulately is illusory. Going is illusory. What is traversed is illusory. All are illusory.

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