01/23/2011: Egoless Bliss

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction on the egoless nature of the Self and how to destroy the false assumption of an ego. Dialogues on Self-inquiry and laya states, the nonexistence of the ego, where the illusion of an ego arises, the nature of the inquirer, samadhi, intellectual knowledge, consistent Self-inquiry and Knowledge, and other topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from the Ashtavakra Samhita.

****** Quote from Satsang ******

Nome: Where there is no scope for the ego that is where your bliss is. We should abide egoless, not only in the sense of seeing how small or insignificant the I is, but we should abide egoless in the Knowledge that no such thing exists. If your existence seems to be individualized, inquire into the nature of that individualized existence. The individuality, being unreal, will vanish. Existence, your true Being, which is full of perfect bliss, remains. Just as you should inquire into the nature of your own existence and thereby destroy, by Knowledge, the ego assumption, likewise every definition based on that assumption should be questioned. Question the definitions you assume to be yourself such as being embodied, being the performer of action, being a thinker, and so forth and so on.

*Note: MP3 and CD do not contain the Tamil recitation from Song of Ribhu

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