02/03/2008: The Real Self

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction regarding why an Upanishad says that where there is “I” and “mine”, there is bondage, and their absence is Liberation, and why the Maharshi said that the primary upadesa is in eloquent silence. The instruction further explains Silence to be that state in which no “I” arises, in which there is no false notion of abiding as an individual. Silent Being is the nature of Self-Realization, in which Being and Knowledge are identical. Then follows an explanation that real Knowledge is unchanging and thus the root of peace and how one should know the ever-existent and cease to regard that which is objective as the Self. Dialogues on Consciousness transcendent all the three states; how Being is not an action and is utterly impersonal; how Existence is the only knower, for Consciousness is only one and identical with Existence; that the ego “I” is the root of imagination, but imagination itself, is not there; the vision of one who abides in the Truth in which there is no liberation, no bondage, no one liberated, and no one bound, but only That; how all traditions stem from the original tradition of Being; that Dakshinamurti’s silence is an “uncreated silence” which even now is; the nature of the “I” that says “my belief;” that explanations of ignorance are for its dissolution and not an example of how it has substantiality; that nothing is opposed to Truth or stands independent of Existence; the nature of one who perceives; the nature of the mind; and our true nature. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from the Katha Upanishad.

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