07/29/2011: Meditation

Excerpt from meditation instruction:

It is only so long as meditation is considered a mode of mind either containing thoughts or containing an absence of thoughts, that it remains confined to a state of mind, such as waking or dreaming. But if meditation is the non-objective inquiry to know one's true nature, then the innately self-luminous consciousness is both the means and the end of such meditation. This consciousness transcends the three states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep and is the ever-existent immortal Self or True Being, which the Maharshi reveals when He asks us to compare and contrast the states of deep sleep and waking. It is precisely for the revelation of the ever-existent, which is self-existent. Therefore, let your meditation be one of a profound inquiry into that which is ever-existent. Inquire in such a manner that you identify yourself solely with that which is ever-existent, for that alone is you, and that alone is real.

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