09/19/2010: Knowledge of Reality

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Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction on Self-Knowledge, which is the Knowledge of Reality, the undifferentiated Existence. Dialogues about the un-embodied Self, Self-Knowledge, happiness and Knowledge, the illusory nature of illusion, discrimination between the knower and the known, what is real, waking and dream illusions, the nature of the mind, pure Consciousness, and other topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from Ashtavakra Samhita.

Satsang Quote

Questioner: Delusion will not satisfy and end the search for who I am.

Nome: That is correct. Ignorance will not satisfy the yearning for Knowledge no more than limitation or unhappiness satisfies the desire to be happy. Knowledge and happiness are identical with one’s Existence. By making one’s vision non-objective, the tendency to confuse the non-self with the Self is destroyed. The Self ever is and one can never doubt his own Existence. From the purported supposed position of the non-self, there is the self and the non-self. For the Self, there is no non-self. So the discrimination is applied non-objectively to one’s identity.

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