10/23/2011: Immeasurably Vast

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction revealing the nature of the Self as Brahman, liberation from imagined bondage by Self-Knowledge, and the inquiry that removes misidentification and superimposition. Dialogues on the urge for spiritual perfection, the nonexistence of the ego, the process and goal of Self-inquiry, inquiry transcendent of conditions of the body and mind, and other spiritual topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from Brhadaranyaka Upanishad, followed by Tamil recitation from Song of Ribhu, chapter 13.

Note: CD does not contain the Tamil Ribhu recitation; only MP3 and DVD have it.

Quote from the Satsang:

Nome: Entry into That which is real is always a matter of setting aside, or the destruction of, some ignorance. You find that you are “within” the place where you want to be. You, indeed, are the place itself. Ignorance has no validity and there is not a drop of truth to any limitation. The seeming solidity to ignorance is entirely borrowed from one’s own Reality. When something imaginary is superimposed upon a substrate, the substrate is the only solid thing there. In any apparent solidity, vividness or substantiality found in that which is superimposed, actually belongs entirely to the substrate and it does not leave the substrate and go into the imagined part. It is just like that with the Self, which is true and ever solid. Ignorance is never valid.

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