12/18/2011: Who Knows?

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction about why it is that the Self alone knows the Self. Dialogues on Self-inquiry and one’s Existence-Consciousness, a common principle in the destruction of vasanas and Self-Realization, how to read “Saddarsanam and an Inquiry into the Revelation of Truth and Oneself,” effort applied to Self-inquiry, and other spiritual topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from Annapurna Upanishad, followed by Tamil recitation from Song of Ribhu, chapter 17.

Quote from the Satsang
Nome: How can we measure the result of that destruction in the terms of that which was destroyed? … As long as one retains the idea of being an individual, being an experiencer, he cannot help but consider Self-Realization as an experience. He may view it as an experience that will endure for a long time afterward, but he regards it as something that happens to him, just like he regards the world as something that happens to him. When by inquiring “Who Am I?” the assumption of individuality or ego is utterly abandoned, nothing happens to anyone but all the ignorance is gone. That which was previously conceived of as a state of Self-Realization is recognized as the very nature of one’s Existence.

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