12/02/2012: Who Would Do Otherwise

Satsang Recoding:

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction about abidance as the Self, Self-Knowledge, Self-inquiry, detachment, and complete peace. Dialogues on the natural state, freedom from misidentification with the body, the formless nature of Being, and other spiritual topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from the Chandogya Upanishad and in Tamil from chapter 38 of the Song of Ribhu.

****** Quotes from Satsang ******

Nome: : What we adhere too, adheres to us. What we are grateful for, is intimately our own. What we treasure we tend not to lose. As for spiritual instruction, the Maharshi has said that it consists of restoring the mind to its proper place which has imagined itself to be differentiated.

*Nome: MP3 and CD do not contain the Tamil recitation from Song of Ribhu.

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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days