4/1/2012: The Only Self

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction on Knowledge of the Self, transcendent of the body and its conditions, the mind and its states, and a particularized individuality. Dialogues on being beyond the gunas, the seer and the seen, timeless Consciousness beyond functions, unreality of percepts, wonder and inquiry, being always in sastsang, and other spiritual topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from the Katha Upanishad and in Tamil from chapter 23 of the Song of Ribhu.

Quote from Satsang:

Questioner: It seems to be the right place to stay with just wondering, “Who am I?”

Nome: If only one wonders sufficiently deeply as to, “Who am I?,” everything is comprehended. It is not possible for a mind to grasp the full scope and depth of the Maharshi’s spiritual instruction. But where the “I” disappears one has himself become the meaning of it.

Questioner: In that experience there is no wondering, there is just Being…

Nome: Remain absorbed in That as That and then decide. The Maharshi’s silence is naturally ineffable and wondrous. How far reaching is his wisdom? It is wondrous. The absoluteness of his utter non-attachment is wondrous. The depth of devotion is wondrous. The revelation of Reality as it is is wondrous and the gracious compassionate bestowing of all the ways needed to liberate one from ignorance is wondrous. The extent of grace – is it not wondrous?

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