4/15/12: Kevala

Initial silence is followed by spiritual instruction on that the Self alone exists and the inquiry to know the Self that reveals this. Dialogues on happiness, depth and certainty, freedom from the body, continuous discrimination, freedom from problems, and other spiritual topics. Concludes with a recitation in Sanskrit and English of verses from the Mundaka Upanishad and in Tamil from chapter 24 of the Song of Ribhu.

Quote from Satsang:

Questioner: The depth of Self-Knowledge itself is so vast.

Nome: There is a depth of certitude in Self-Knowledge which is beyond the conceivable and perceptible. Of what are you certain? Of what are you absolutely certain so that you never have a doubt regarding it even for a moment?

Questioner: A solid sense of Existence.

Nome: The solidity of Existence. One never doubts his own Existence which is identical with Consciousness. You may know or feel something is unknown but the Knower himself you are always certain of. You are very certain of Existence. Everything else is doubtful.

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