Poetry from Advaita Devatam: Audio CD

Poetry from Advaita Devatam: Audio CD
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Product Description

This CD has readings in English with vina music of the two texts, Advaita Sandhya and Dakshinamurti Catushtaya Darshanam, from the book Advaita Devatam: God of Nonduality.

Advaita Sandhya means the Nondual Conjunction / Meditation on Nonduality.
Dakshinamurti Catushtaya Darshanam means the Fourfold Revelation of Dakshinamurti.

This CD is intended to be heard while absorbed in deep meditation.

Recitation: Nome
Vocals: Sasvati
Vina on Dakshinamurti Catushtaya Darshanam, part 2: Jayalakshmi Sekhar
Vina on Dakshinamurti Catushtaya Darshanam, part 3: E. Gayatri
All other sounds and noises: Nome
Running Time:
  • Advaita Sandhya: 10:15
  • Dakshinamurti Catushtaya Darshanam 48:35
  • Total Time: 58:50

Our deep appreciation to E. Gayathri, who is a fellow devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, for permitting the use of the recording of her performance of Himagiri Thanaye on vina.

Our deep appreciation to Jayalakshmi Sekhar for use of her vina music, performed in the "New Hall" at Sri Ramanasramam in January 2005. Our thanks to Jim Clark whose recording of that concert has been used in this CD.

Thanks to Eric Ruetz for technical assistance. Thanks to Soundsnap.

ISBN: 9780981940922