Ribhu Gita 2009

Chapter 1: Ribhu-Nidagha Dialogue
Verse 1: Skanda: The Rishi-s spoke thus to Ribhu, the devotee of Sambhu, the desireless, the best among sages, decked with ashes and rudraksha-s (holy berries) , who was at Kedara on the Himalayan peak worshipping the Lord of Kedara.

Chapter 1, Verse 17:
There is no dharma (righteous conduct), no purity, no [concept of] truth, no fear. There being only Brahman alone, be of the certitude that there is no non-Self.
Chapter 1, Verse 27:
If there is an interior, there surely is an exterior; if there be no interior, there is also no exterior. If there be [a concept of] completeness, it implies something of incompleteness.
Chapter 1, Verse 36:
I am Consciousness alone. I am possessed of divine Knowledge. I am without any words to express myself. I am Brahman alone.
Chapter 1, Verse 42:
I am devoid of all names and such. I am devoid of all forms. I am devoid of all attachments. I am Brahman alone.
Chapter 1, Verse 47:
I am solely of the nature of Knowledge. I am of the nature that exists by itself. I am the sole-existent, complete Essence. I am Brahman alone.

Chapter 2: Description of Siva's Teaching to Kumara
(The Same Teaching Given by Siva to Ribhu)

Nidagha: Revered Ribhu! In this state of affairs, who qualifies for Brahman-hood? Please tell me especially that Knowledge which has come out of the words of Sankara.