Ribhu Gita 2010

Chapter 2, Verse 6:
You are equable. You are also the Truth. You are ancient. You are set forth by the word "truth" and these other words. You are devoid of all limbs. You are ever firm. You are Brahman. You are full and perfect. you are the high and the low.
Chapter 2, Verse 10:
You are Bliss. You are the Supreme. You are devoid of all, and you are attributeless. You are the One, without a second. You are Brahman. There is no doubt of this.
Chapter 2, Verse 17:
Whoever you are, you are He. You are all those who are great. You are Brahman. There is no doubt of this.
Chapter 2, Verse 22:
You are left with your nature. You recognize only your nature. You are immersed in the waters of your own joy. You are Brahman. There is no doubt of this.
Chapter 2, Verses 28:
Suta: Then, pleased with the words of Nidagha, Ribhu, beloved son of the lotus-born Brahma, looking at him, a fit person (vessel) fully qualified for the essence of the love of Siva, continued to instruct him.
Chapter 2, Verse 33:
There is no doer; there is no action; there is nothing to be done, son! There being only Brahman, these are unreal--indeed, ever unreal.
Chapter 2, Verse 39:
There are no such things as the past and the future anywhere. Indeed, there is no such thing as the present anywhere. There being only Brahman, all these are unreal---indeed, ever unreal.
Chapter 2, Verse 45:
There are no pairs of opposites, nor is there any non-Self at any time. There are no duties relating to holy waters, no growth, no generation, no death, nor the misapprehension of coming and going.
Chapter 2, Verse 50:
Whatever is spoken through words, whatever is thought of by mind or determined by the intellect, and whatever is known by thought,

Chapter 3: Description of the Phenomenal World Being Existence-Conciousness.

Isvara: Religious vows are illusory. The worlds are illusory. Various states are illusory. Abodes are illusory. Fear, also, is illusory. Supports and such are illusory. Enjoyment is illusory. The multitude of relationships is illusory.

Chapter 3, Verse 6:
Whatever is uttered by words is entirely illusory. There is no doubt of this. So, also, is whatever is imagined by sankalpa or thought of by the mind.

Chapter 3, Verse 15:
All is illusory. The world is illusory. Likewise are the past, present, and future illusory. Any particular attitude of mind is unreal--utterly unreal. All is illusory. There is no doubt of this.