Ribhu Gita Chapter 2, Verses 6 to 9 held on 01/08/2010

Chapter 2, Verse:

6. You are equable. You are also the Truth. You are ancient. You are set forth by the word "truth" and these other words. You are devoid of all limbs. You are ever firm. You are Brahman. You are full and perfect. You are the high and the low.

7. You are free from the perplexing misconception of all the phenomenal world. You arise in all the beings that ever are. You are ever without sankalpa. You are Brahman. You are fullness. You exist on all sides.

8. You are ever joyous and happily established, ever without enmity, ever without action and such. You are Brahman, full and existing on all sides.

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