Ribhu Gita Chapter 1, Verses 1 to 16 held on 06/12/2009

Chapter 1: Ribhu-Nidagha Dialogue
Verse 1: Skanda: The Rishi-s spoke thus to Ribhu, the devotee of Sambhu, the desireless, the best among sages, decked with ashes and rudraksha-s (holy berries) , who was at Kedara on the Himalayan peak worshipping the Lord of Kedara.

2,3. Rishi-s: Worthy son of Brahma, the lotus born! For our Liberation, please enlighten us with the Knowledge, the wisdom of the Veda-s and mahavakya-s (great aphorisms), which you obtained on Mount Kailasa by worshipping Lord Isvara, by means of which we shall be enabled to cross the shoreless ocean of samsara, (the repetitious cycle of birth and death).

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