Ribhu Gita Chapter 2, Verses 1 to 5 held on 12/04/2009

Chapter 2: Description of Siva's Teaching to Kumara
(The Same Teaching Given by Siva to Ribhu)

Verse 1: Nidagha: Revered Ribhu! In this state of affairs, who qualifies for Brahman-hood? Please tell me especially that Knowledge which has come out of the words of Sankara.

2. Ribhu: You, indeed, are Brahman. You, indeed, are the Supreme Guru. You, indeed, are of the nature of space. You are Brahman. There is no doubt of this.

3. You, indeed, are of all manner of being. You, indeed, are the meaning of all this. You are changeless. You are devoid of all. You are the Witness. You are ever without a witness.

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