Self-Knowledge Mandalas

Self-Knowledge Mandalas
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This is a recording of a selection of verses from the book Self-Knowledge. The reading is by Nome with light background music. The following spiritual themes are covered in this recording:

  1. Being: The Self is just Being
  2. Being: Being never changes its nature
  3. Consciousness: Consciousness alone is That
  4. Bliss: To abide as the Self
  5. Self-Knowledge and the Destruction of Ignorance: To know the Truth
  6. Self-Knowledge and the Destruction of Ignorance: Inquire "Who am I?"
  7. Advice for Aspiration: As no darkness remains in light
  8. Advice for Aspiration: Be not attached
  9. Sages and Yogis: Eternal Bliss and Peace
  10. "I": I alone am
  11. Illusion: No difference, no difference
  12. Self-inquiry: The essential question
  13. God, Guru, and Grace: All is Grace
  14. God, Guru, and Grace: All right
  15. God, Guru, and Grace: Supremely simple
  16. Silence,  the Final Truth: Silence

Total Duration: 49 mins

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